Report Manager

Report Manager is a Shift and Incident reporting software system that is both functionally powerful and extremely user-friendly, requiring almost no training in order to reap the immediate benefits of using the system.

If your organisation currently has a paper-based reporting procedure in place for staff, or you have no reporting procedure in place, then you are missing out on the many benefits of a computerised reporting system.

The Report Manager software helps to ensure that the day-to-day operations of your business are documented and easily accessible.  The reporting package is specifically customized for the needs of the business, without any unnecessary and redundant information present in reports.

The benefits of introducing the Report Manager software system into the workplace are many. A few of the benefits and features are listed below:

  • Increased communication and business awareness

    The reports may be accessed at any time through computer terminals on the network, so employees will be able to easily review reports entered into the system with very little effort.

    Report Manager allows for increased information flow throughout an organisation, assisting with such things as shift changeovers and regulatory reporting requirements.

  • Increased efficiency and cost savings

    Entering reports into Report Manager is a quick and easy process. Employees will take much less time entering and reviewing reports in the system. The time saved in dealing with reporting requirements may be put to better use elsewhere within the business.

    Report Manager allows users to gradually fill out a report throughout their working day, reducing any over-time and related costs, along with the added benefit of allowing information to be entered while it is still fresh in the employee's mind.

  • Professional reports

    Each report entry form is designed to help the user of the system enter the relevant information. Reporting requirements are enforced through predefined subject matters in the report entry screens.  There is no guess-work involved in deciding what information to report on.

  • Built in intelligence increases the accuracy of reports

    The reporting system will ensure that mandatory information is not left out of any report that is entered into the system.  The system will prompt the user to enter the missing information, and can optionally prevent reports from being finalized until the required information is entered.

  • Standardization of the reports

    The format and presentation of all the reports is consistent, so that anyone may easily navigate through the various reports available in the system and locate the required information.

  • Budget-friendly

    The Report Manager software system is built on top of a reliable framework that uses very few resources. The database server used to store the reports requires only reasonable hardware resources, and can run on a device as simple as a standard Windows XP or higher equiped destkop PC. The client application can be installed on any Windows XP or higher equiped PC, requiring minimal resources in order to operate effectively.

    While the primary desktop client application is Windows-based, an Apple Mac OS X (Leopard or higher) client application can also be made available. A web-based application is also in development, with similar functionality as the native Windows-based desktop client application.

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