We currently have several pre-made software solutions available that may be customized for the specific needs of your business.

Report Manager

Report Manager is a reporting system that allows staff to enter various types of reports, such as, but not limited to, shift and incident reports. It allows your staff to produce accurate and detailed reports in very little time and with minimum effort.

This system has been in operation for over 10 years at various organisations within the hospitality industry. It can be adapted for any type of industry where there are similar reporting requirements.

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IT Support System

The IT Support System is a Windows and Mac OS X software application that may be installed on most PCs within your organisation, allowing users to quickly enter and track their support requests.

There are several features in the system that ease the management required by IT administrators, which include assigning requests to specific IT personnel, entering comments and feedback, updating and tracking the status of the requests, and searching through the history of support entries for similar issues and solutions.

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